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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Golf finances Christmas

I cashed in the last of my tournament winnings today at one of my favorite local courses called River Oaks. I'll write up a review of River Oaks in the future.

I bought my pop some really nice golf stuff. Hope he likes it. Oh, I couldn't resist getting myself some very nice golf pants as well...


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During the Winter time here in Salt Lake we get this phenomenon called an "inversion." This is where high pressure squashes the cold, moist, polluted air and forces it to the lowest altitude. The valley acts like a soup bowl containing the foggy air. At a certain elevation you can drive up a road and right into a cloudless sunny day. Drive back below the soup level and you're in the fog again.

When the inversion happens the temp is cold and the ground stays frozen. The air quality is terrible and it really makes my eyes sore. Last year we had 21 straight days of this soup.

The soup stays until wind or precipitation washes it away.

Can't stand blogs like this

Friday, December 17, 2004

Roaring Fork

Originally uploaded by mediaguru.
I took this photo at Roaring Fork Country Club in Basalt, Colorado
(Basalt is near Aspen)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

What golf gear is Santa bringing?

Santa was wondering what golf gear he can drop by for me this year on the 25th...

My golf gear is top of the line. I may skimp at the grocery store and buy generic raisin bran, but I don't skimp on my golf gear. There's not a club in my bag I'd replace. I have 4 golf bags, countless accessories, tons of premium balls (ProV1, HX Black), a Sun Mountain 3 wheeler.... I could go on.

When my wife asks me what golf stuff she can get me for my birthday or Christmas I tell her don't bother... Besides, I have pro shop money anyway.

So I guess there really isn't anything golf gear related for my Christmas list. Quite frankly, I don't think Santa can afford any of the golf gear I'd be asking for anyway. Now if Santa wanted to sponser a golf trip to say...Augusta, I'd be interested...

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kip is the Big Break II Champion

Didn't I predict this outcome? Ahhhh matchplay. I've never felt more intense, nervous and exhilarated as I have during match play. You will find out a lot about yourself during matchplay. Matchplay is definitely the best way to find a champion whether it be at your local club, or the BBII.

The match tonight was very gutty. I'm glad it was tight, and even went to two extra holes. The match balanced on two putts that ended up hanging on the edge of the cup. I'm not going to go into a play by play here, but I'll say that the guy I wanted to win did. (Not necessarity the one I expected to win). Plus these two both played very well. They were both under par I believe. At least they didn't look like the hacks from BB1.

Kip appears to be a very genuine guy. His swing isn't picture perfect but he seems to have a knack for hitting a great shot at just the right time. I hope he does well with his new car, new dough and 4 exemptions. I'm sure he and one or two other BBII players will get some sponsors.

Can I get a sponsor?

Monday, December 13, 2004

Quote of the day

"The day Microsoft makes something
that doesn't suck, they'll be making vacuum-cleaners."

Courtesy of Le Blog à Mart

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Why play the game?

Our group of guys is pretty tight. We're all fairly decent "ameteurs." It is not unusual for someone to shoot even par or as low as the 60's in our group.

Today our pairing put me with one of the scratch players in our group. This dude can play but he has a very short fuse. He's always got some bitch about something, whether it be playing too slow, his game or whatever. He has rabbit ears and is a very feisty person.

One problem I always have playing with this guy is that he always seems to be in a hurry. There's always this sense in my game that I need to play faster because this guy is getting irritated about how slow we're playing. This would be the case even if we were on pace for a 3 hour round.

Today this guy's round was not going well. We all have those days. But when this guy has "one of those days," he is throwing clubs, cussing constantly and impatiently rushing all of the other players. My other pal started to putt terribly just from feeling rushed.

This hot head's history goes way back to before I knew him. I've seen him shoot 67 and be disgusted. It just seems to me that this guy is NEVER happy. He always leaves the course in a bad mood, despite the fact that he usually beats all of us and takes our money.

Thinking about this guy makes me wonder why he even plays golf if he can't have fun doing it. I know I'll never play on the PGA tour. I want to play well, but I'm mainly playing for the fun of the game and the camraderie of playing with my pals. I guess then the other question would be this: Since I'm playing for fun and camraderie, why am I playing with him?