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Thursday, February 03, 2005

15 til 81

I tee off in 15 hours! I'm not sure I'll have internet access on my 4 day golf trip. SO there may not be posts until I get back. I'll try to find a hotspot somewhere.


Wednesday, February 02, 2005

48 til 81

In less than 48 hours I leave for a 4 day golf trip with about 20 of my closest friends to southern Utah. Man am I excited. Winter here gets terribly boring for a golf addict. The courses we are playing are awesome. There will be plenty of wagering going on to make things even more fun. We'll be playing 81 holes in 4 days.

I'm being VERY careful because I lifted a couple of heavy boxes of paper yesterday and I don't want to throw out my bad back the day before I leave.

I'm guessing we'll all watch the Super Bowl (will I get sued for using that name?) in Mesquite Nevada and perhaps lay a couple of bucks on it.

I'm trying to talk my pals into going to Vegas to watch MY University of Utah Ute basketball team play UNLV Monday night. This is non golf related but my Ute Basketball team could have the best player in the COUNTRY: Andrew Bogut.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Leonard and Irwin win today

There was NO surprise that Hale Irwin won the Turtle Bay tonight. He's only won it 5 times in a row now.

I was surprised that Justin Leonard won the Bob Hope Chrystler Championship. The tournament was Joe Ogilvy's to win but a 73 ruined that idea. Everyone is making a big deal out of Justin switching to Nike gear. He's apparently one of the few who actually IMPROVES after doing that! But he made tons of putts and if you have a keen eye, his putter is a TITLEIST.

As a Ben Hogan fan, it is strange to see the swoosh on Justin's hat.

Speaking of Nike...David Duval was 32 over after 4 rounds??? I swear I could beat him right now.

Cold, wet, windy round of golf

Played golf today. The weather forecast was for a high of 43 and 5mph winds. The weatherman was wrong. It was very cold, windy and for holes 2-4 it snowed. My hands were frozen.

When we got to the 5th tee I told my 3 buddies I was done. Since that hole was going back toward the clubhouse we decided to play it and see if the weather got any better. What do you know...by the time we putted out the sky was blue. It was still very cold and VERY windy though.

So we struggled through the rest of the 18 cold holes, paid our bets and went home.

It is very hard to play in those conditions. What makes it even harder is trying to make a full swing with a t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, vest, sweatshirt, and rain jacket on. Man that's 5 layers.

It was good to make some Winter swings and hopefully stay loose. But the golf was very bad.