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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Masters countdown added!

I've added a javascript which is counting down till the MASTERS! It is a little funky so hopefully it won't mess up my pages much!

Friday, March 25, 2005

TPC Round 2 Delayed Due To Rain

Round 2 of The Player's Championship started but only a few players were able to play a couple of holes. Play has been suspended and will resume early tomorrow morning.

There is also talk that they may let the players who completed some holes play them over. That sounds strange, but they should do that if they start round 2 with lift/clean/place tomorrow. That would be fair.


Help me out people! If you see something that doesn't look right please let me know. I've been playing with some formatting inside the posts and when I look at it in Firefox everything looks great. But in IE and Safari I'm seeing some formatting problems. So leave me some comments if you see something the doesn't look right!

Update: I belive I have solved the issues that were Explorer related. It looks correct on Explorer and Firefox. My version of Safari the white background is not correct.

Please comment and let me know your browser and what problems you may have!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ping Craz-E Putter Review

The Ping company has been long recognized for it's pioneering design of golf clubs. There is always a buzz about the new Ping drivers, wedges or irons. But I don't think Ping gets enough credit for it's putter design and innovation.

The Ping Craz-E putter is a whole new concept in design. The face has a blue urethane insert which gives it a soft feel. The blue urethane insert line behind the face provides a strong alignment visual.

The weighting of the putter is heavy in the heel, toe and rear of the putter which gives it that "low center of gravity" that all golfers seem to need. The crescent shapes along with the blue line gives an optical aid which helps you aim and align properly. Ping calls this the Optigraphic Effect.

I don't really know if the Optigraphic Effect is why the putter works so well for me. I think that the putter just "feels" great. It is just a static piece of metal and plastic but when I put it in motion it feels very smooth and wants to travel square to the target line. The weighting is balanced perfectly and helps you produce a pendulum like stroke.

Two other typically unimportant items that are overlooked with putters are the cover and the grip. Ping's design is equally as great here. The cover is a very nice thick leather with a magnetic seal. I like the fact that they didn't use velkro, which over time wears out and looks shabby. The Winn AVS grip (right) is the best feeling grip I've ever used.
There are also 5 shaft/hozel configurations to match your taste.

My rating on the Craz-E putter is a 9 out of 10. They got it all right on this one.


The Player's Championship: Round 1

Steve Jones

Steve Jones tries to use some body english to help his chip go in at the TPC. He shot an amazing 64 in the first round of The Player's Championship.

More amazing than his 64 is that he took the entire year off in 2004 due to injury, then comes in to the best field in golf and smokes the rest of the top 50 in the world.

The question will be can he keep up the pace he set? Fred Funk, Lee Westwood & Zach Johnson are all one shot behind at 65.

Fred Funk taps in on 18.

The "big 4" all registered rounds under par. Tiger had 4 birdies and 2 bogeys and missed several putts under 10 feet.

Phil Mickelson bogeyed 17 & 18 to shoot 70.

Ernie Els shot 71 and Vijay Singh had the best performance of the big 4 with a 5 under 67.

I imagine these will be the lowest scores of the tournament with the soft greens. The rough will be getting longer, and the greens harder.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More TPC pictures





#18 Approach

Need I Say More?

The TPC is this week. Need I say more?

Monday, March 21, 2005

The time I met John Daly

A few months after the 1995 British Open I was in a very unknown and tiny little gambling town in Nevada called Wendover. Wendover is about 2 hours west of Salt Lake City on I80. It is a podunk little stateline gambling town with 4 casinos out in the middle of the Great Salt Lake's "Salt Flats." The Salt Flats is where many of the world land speed records have been set, and many car commercials.

So I'm out there gambling playing 21 at the $25 table at this podunk casino. I'm the highest roller in the place. I'm the only guy playing more that $2.

After an hour or two by myself at the $25 table guess who sits down next to me? JOHN FREAKING DALY. They immediately increase the table minimum to $500/hand, but since I was already there I was grandfathered into the table. JD played two hands at $500 per hand all night.

I turned to JD and casually said "hey, nice job at the British Open" and he said "thanks." For the next several hours JD and I played blackjack together and "shot the s**t." He was very cool and not cocky at all. I couldn't figure out how big JD could end up in Wendover. He told me that his wife (2nd at that time I believe) was from this even more podunk town called Tooele (google it). When he would come into town to visit the wife's family, he'd just drive to Wendover and gamble.

It was funny to watch JD because this was when he was just trying to quit drinking. He was a good boy. No booze at all that night. But he was smoking up a frenzy. He was so scattered at one point he had a lit cigarette in each hand.

When it was time for me to go to bed JD was still gambling away. After talking to him for 2-3 hours I felt too stupid to ask him for his autograph. So I said see ya later and he said "good luck" to me and that was it. I'm sure he'd recognize me if I ever met him again so I hope I do. He was cool.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Two strokes: $936,000

Vijay's shot into the drink on 18 at Bay Hill dropped him to a tie for 2nd and $440,000, instead of the possible $900,000 for winning the tournament.

Last week Vijay missed a 2 foot put which cost him $496,000.

So you could say that two strokes have cost Vijay $936,000 in the last two weeks.

When two strokes costs me money it's $2.00 betting my buddies.

Don't run your mouth against Annika

Lorena Ochoa should have done her talking with her game and not her mouth. She gave up a 4 stroke lead with 3 holes to play, and lost in a playoff to Annika. I'd recommend keeping your trap shut next time and finishing off the job.

Perry wins, Vijay regains #1, Daly hackfest

Vijay Singh surged on the back 9 and caught up to Kenny Perry on the 18th hole at -12. Singh misjudged the wind and knocked his approach shot in the drink. Perry safely knocked his approach shot onto the green and two putted to win at Bay Hill.

Though Vijay didn't win, he still regained the #1 world ranking due to Tiger's mediocre finish.

The battle between Perry and Singh was nearly as entertaining as watching John Daly on 18. John was at even par on 18 (he played the back first) when he knocked his approach shot in the rocks. Instead of taking a drop, he took several whacks at his ball but only managed to catch rock. He scored an 11 on that hole and dropped himself to last place.