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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Kip is the Big Break II Champion

Didn't I predict this outcome? Ahhhh matchplay. I've never felt more intense, nervous and exhilarated as I have during match play. You will find out a lot about yourself during matchplay. Matchplay is definitely the best way to find a champion whether it be at your local club, or the BBII.

The match tonight was very gutty. I'm glad it was tight, and even went to two extra holes. The match balanced on two putts that ended up hanging on the edge of the cup. I'm not going to go into a play by play here, but I'll say that the guy I wanted to win did. (Not necessarity the one I expected to win). Plus these two both played very well. They were both under par I believe. At least they didn't look like the hacks from BB1.

Kip appears to be a very genuine guy. His swing isn't picture perfect but he seems to have a knack for hitting a great shot at just the right time. I hope he does well with his new car, new dough and 4 exemptions. I'm sure he and one or two other BBII players will get some sponsors.

Can I get a sponsor?


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