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Friday, April 08, 2005

Talk of Tiger Disqualification?

Late last night on The Golf Channel (yes I do watch that channel!), there was a media buzz around Augusta that Tiger may have made a mistake on 13 green after he putted into Ray's creek. The first theory was that he improperly put a 2nd ball into play and that he may be DQ'd. Then after realizing he hadn't actually completed his round and signed his scorecard, there would only be a penalty assesed.

But the problem wasn't 13 at all. It was another hole where Tiger tapped in a putt. Apparently a viewer called in and reported that Tiger had putted with the putter between his legs rather than to his side. (The way Sam Snead used to putt). Tiger had to align himself in an odd way so that he wasn't standing in anyone's line. Tiger actually had a meeting with rules officals and they reviewed the tape. They determined that Tiger had not done anything wrong eventually.

So Tiger's bad day didn't end when he stopped playing. It continued late into the evening.


  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said…

    I think the side-saddle rule should be removed. If they're going to allow long putters and Briny Baird-type stances, who cares if you putt side-saddle?

    Or maybe the rule should be no side saddle beyond three feet. Pros are probably in danger of breaking that rule all the time when they tap in.

  • At 1:13 AM, Blogger mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said…

    I think long putters should go. To me that is much more of a violation than what Tiger supposedly did.


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