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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Masters Day 1

What a surprise... Play was delayed by over 5 hours in round 1 of The Masters due to rain. I guess Mother Nature couldn't get a membership at Augusta. They were unable to finish the first round due to darkness. Play will resume at 9:45 a.m. ET. The lowest score for a finished round is 69 by Mark Hensby. Chris DiMarco is at -4 but hasn't finished his round.

The "Big 5" (not 4): VJ & Phil and Goosen are at -2, Tiger is at +2 and Ernie Els is at +3.

I love watching this tournament because there are things that can happen here that simply don't just about anywhere else.

Tiger had some very entertaining moments. First was the eagle putt from the middle of the green into Ray's Creek on 13. Then his approach shot on 1 bounced off the flagstick and into the greenside bunker...bogey. Later on he chunked his driver 6 inches behind the ball and hit his drive 60 yards on #2. He knocked his 3rd shot into the trap and made a miracle putt to save his par 5.

Other interesting items include David Duval who had it to -2 at one point but is now at +3. Shingo is taking advantage of his special invitation. Palmer is on the leaderboard.....Ryan Palmer. Nick Flado had to bail due to a back injury. He shouldn't have had all that fun in the par 3 contest. Nicklaus had it going at -1, but fell back to +4.

I love The Masters.


  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Bryan said…

    I really want to see Ryan Moore play well in this tournament. He is an amazing golfer for his age and his accomplishments.

    I wouldn't mind see David Duval bring his game back. Sounds like he had things going today, but kinda lost it.

    Tiger needs to get his act together. I am guessing by the end of 18 holes tommorow, he will be at -1.


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