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Monday, March 28, 2005

Short hitters rejoice!

Finally The Players Championship is over. After days of starting and stopping due to rain delays, they are done.

Today the wind was brutal to the players. #17 claimed many victims, including Bob Tway who recorded a tournament record 12 on the par 3.

Short hitters everywhere rejoice! Fred Funk is The Players Champion! Finally a tournament where driving accuracy means something! I think more tournaments need to be set up to evenly reward not only driving distance, but driving accuracy as well.

And now for the Funky picture show:

Funky break dancing (when Fred missed a putt)

Fred's lie in the bunker on 18. He had to get up and down to stay at -9 and win the tournament.

Funk does "the funky fist pump" (his version of the Tiger fist pump)

Fred throws his hat down knowing he has probably won the tournament after making his par saving putt on 18.


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