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Thursday, February 10, 2005

USA Network's Golf Coverage

I'm usually very happy with USA's golf coverage (The Masters etc.). But today I was a little irritated with their coverage of Pebble Beach. This week's tournament is a pro-am. Fine. So you cut to the occasional amateur shot. The problem I have is that Phil Mickelson is in the process of breaking the course record by 2 shots (62), and they're giving 10x more coverage to the likes of Kevin Costner blading shots into the gallery.

COME ON USA, when Phil or some big time pro is lighting it up or setting a course record....COVER IT!

One other thing. I was completely grossed out when I saw Chris Bermin somewhere other than behind a desk where he can hide is giant beer belly. I never realized he was that fat.

I like you Chris, but cut back on the pizzas.

Hey Kenny G. Please STAY on the golf course and out of the studio. Perhaps if you golf more you won't put out that horrid yuppie elevator music.



  • At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Not to mention pandering to that disusting, disreputible, drugie: Rush Limbaugh! He's a lousy golfer, has no personality (maybe he does when he's dumping on Bill Clinton or PBS) but the networks want to make the corporate sponsers and the FCC and the white house happy. Oh, let's see, how 'bout some more footage of the captains of corporate america! They're alot of fun.


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